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DSR35 - 200 Litre Industrial / Commercial dehumidifier

DSR35 - 200 Litre Industrial / Commercial dehumidifier

This high capacity dehumidifier is for professional and commercial applications, helping combat excess moisture in food preparation areas, bathing and leisure areas, stores and archives, museums, libraries and many more locations.

Product Details
Type Commercial Dehumidifier

  • Energy saving: DSR's advanced technology ensures effective humidity control while recovering heat from the air and returning it to the swimming pool hall.
  • Enhanced Safety: Electric components and wires are located in an hermetically sealed junction box and linked to external controls via Safe Extra Low Voltage (SELV) connections.
  • Flexibility and discrete: DSR units can be supplied with or without casing and offer the option of ducted connection in discretely sited grilles from a concealed location.
  • Versatile: With water removal rates ranging from 58 It./day to 200 It./day combined with high and low speeds on each model, the DSR range is ideal for swimming pool surfaces from 18m to 40m.
  • Quality and Reliability: Manufactured from the highest quality materials, the DSR range employs an hermetically sealed scroll' rotary or reciprocating type compressors along with copper evaporator and condenser coils with mechanically boned aluminum fins. All units undergo rigorous quality control testing before leaving the factory.
  • Efficient and Friendly: Uses CFC-free refrigerant and is carefully engineered to provide the maximum performance for the minimum energy consumption.
  • Large capacity dehumidifier designed to run for commercial and industrial use
  • Typical installation places include restaurant, bars, printing presses, indoor swimming pools, garages, stores, holiday homes, archives
  • Cover can be removed if fitting needed in recess or air duct
Retail Line / Distributor Line  
Catalogue Number DSR35
Thermostat Range  - +C  5 - 35
Dehumidification  - Max - L/day 200
Heat recovery - kW
Air Flow (at high speed) - m3/h 2620
Humidistat Optional
Continuous Drainage Yes
Power Supply - V 230
Power Consumption - kW 4.4
Current - A 12.7
Refrigerant R407A / R22
Net Weight - Kg 125
Gross Weight - Kg 135
Recommended fuse size
Approval Safety Certificates  
Class Energy


Unit Dimension 1150*1050*800
Unit Dimension (carton)  
Container Loads  Pcs for 20ft 
 Pcs for 40ft
Pallet Qty